Car purchasing

Car Purchasing

To assist you with looking to purchase your next car we have prepared some points to consider. No matter if it is a used car purchase or new car purchase the principle remains the same.

A car is probably your second biggest purchase following the purchase of your home and so you should make sure you know exactly what the advantages and disadvantages of the car you like are, rather than picking it because you like the look, your friend has one or you think you would look really cool in it.

Car Purchasing Points to Consider

Fuel Efficiency

Look into how many miles you will expect to do each week and how much you want to be spending on fuel, for example if you want to be spending around £12 per week (based on petrol being 85.9p per litre), you travel 100 miles per week and you only want to fill up every 3 weeks then don't be looking to purchase a car which averages 16 miles per gallon as this would by far exceed the price you want to pay. You really want to be looking at cars which do 33+ mpg. If the tank of the car you purchase holds 42 litres (9.24 gallons) then that would work out at a fill up every 3 weeks, if it holds more it would be less frequent.

Road Tax Bracket (Emissions)

Car tax is a 6 month or 12 month financial commitment, but the worry it can cause can be lowered significantly. Points to consider are Car Emissions and the Road Tax charge this will incur. If you decide to purchase a car where the emissions are in the lower brackets. If you go for a high emission vehicle it could result in you hunting around for extra money every 6 or 12 months and causing your tax renewal to become a stressful time.

Read more Tips on purchasing your car including, Practicality, Reliability, Insurance, Depreciation and Safety.

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Updated on 2nd March, 2009

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