Cashback sites

Cashback Sites

An explanation of Cashback Sites

Cashback is a concept which may be new to many of us and even though they have now been around several years, many people still think that they are a scam.
However, this is a misunderstanding which could cost you!

Did you know that advertisements which appear on web sites such as comparison sites, news sites and review sites like are not placed there free of charge. The advertiser actually pays these sites to advertise their products. A common advertising model is where advertisers pay a percentage of sales generated or a fee for each sale that was referred by the advertiser. This type of advertising is called "commission on sale". If a sale doesn't occur then the referring website earns nothing at all. This is how many websites make their money and this is what makes cashback sites possible.

Cashback sites have many advertisers on their websites for which they are paid commission when a sale is made. Instead of keeping all the money they pass a percentage, and in some cases all of the money to the member who made the purchase.

Examples of cashback sites

Cashback sites have risen in number and popularity over the past few years. Many who have joined this type of scheme have found it to be a great way of earning money whilst shopping.

Types of cashback websites

The terms and conditions will differ dependent on the cashback scheme you join, some offer a bonus for joining, but a lower percentage cashback as you go along, and you may have to reach a higher amount in your cashback account before your cashback claim can be processed.

Some cashback sites require you to pay a fee to join but the percentage cashback you receive may be slightly higher, and you might not need to have as much in your account before payment is sent to you.
It all depends on which type of site you think will suit you the best. For example if you do not shop online on a frequent basis then you may find that receiving a bonus when you join would suit you the best, but if you shop online all the time then paying a fee then receiving more cashback as you go along may earn you more cash, the choice is yours!

How much could you earn by using a cashback web site?

This all depends on what you are shopping for, for example if you shopped at Debenhams and spent £120 then you could earn around 4% of that spend which would be £4.80, this might not seem much but could in effect pay for your postage. However, if you wanted to take out car insurance you could be looking at around £70 cashback, and a new mobile phone could earn you around £60. So joining a cashback site really could award you some serious money on expenses which you would have had anyway.

Should you always use cashback sites?

Using a cashback website is only the best option if the product you are buying is cheaper at that retailer once you have deducted the cashback. In other words if you can find the same product or service cheaper elsewhere then go for the cheaper product as otherwise you'll be losing money, not earning extra. It's a great idea to use the shopping comparison sites in conjunction with the cashback sites.

If you have a cashback credit card then paying for your item with it will see you earn the rewards twice over.

What can you get cashback on?

Cashback offers are available on most shopping products and services available to the public including travel cashback, music, phone cashback rewards, jewelry and watches, home, travel and car insurance cashback.

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Updated on 30th January, 2014

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