Club cards

Club Cards

Most of us are quite familiar with Club Cards(often called Reward Cards) these days and most of us do try to collect Clubcard points but not all of us are aware of exactly what we can actually get in return for the points we have collected.

How do Club Cards Work?

There are quite a number of stores which do offer Club Cards such as Tesco, Boots and Sainsbury's for example. Club Cards generally work by accruing points for every pound spent at the retailer which then allows you to redeem your points as money off your shopping at that store. For example for every pound spent you earn 1 point, but with Boots you actually earn 4 points for every pound spent and every point equals 1p. There are often promotions on too where you can earn extra points so keep a look out for these.

Great Club Card Deals

Another twist on the usual Club Card points system is available with Tesco's Club Card where when you are issued with vouchers from the points you have saved, you can redeem them on purchases from Tesco as you would expect or you can use their Clubcard Deals. These deals range from Hotel Breaks, Holidays and Goldsmiths Vouchers (which can be great at Christmas) and actually offer 4x the value of your Club Card vouchers.

So for example if you have:-

* £25 in Club Card Vouchers (which would be a spend of £2500 over the year) you could choose to book a caravan holiday and Save £100 off the cost of your holiday

A £2500 spend may seem a lot but it actually works out to less than £50 per week and you can also earn points from buying Petrol and in some cases on your Gas and Electric too. Check out where you can collect points when you sign up for your Club Card so that you don't miss out.

More recently, Tesco have offered the chance to double up your reward card points. The only drawback is that you ahve to select which department you want to spend them in, rather than being able to spend them store wide. They will also only double up multiples of £5, so if you have, for example, £22 of vouchers, they will only double up £20, making £42 in total. Still a great deal.

Keep in mind though that you may save more by using a store which doesn't have a Club Card, it is just about making the best of where you choose to shop.

*Top Tip*

- if you made your purchase from (say) Boots, online using a cashback website, AND paid using a credit card that offers rewards or cashback, then you would not only get your reward card points, but cashback on your purchase and cashback from your credit card ! Bookmark and Share
Updated on 29th February, 2012

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