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What is Fairtrade and why is it money spent wisely?

Fairtrade is an internationally recognised system of doing trade differently. In the current system of trading, many farmers and producers in the third world do not get a fair price for their produce. This means that although they are growing and producing products that are highly profitable in the Western World, these producers often live in poverty and fail to provide for their families, let alone be able to access healthcare and send their children to school. Fairtrade is different. Fairtrade is a trading system where these producers are paid a fair wage, which enables them to have a decent income that allows them to provide for their families.

So how do Fairtrade and being prudent go together?

If being prudent means being wise, then that should extend to where your money goes after you spend it. Money can be seen as a catalyst for power and the question to be asked is who is empowered by your money. Harriet Lamb, the director of the Fairtrade Foundation writes in her book 'Fighting the Banana Wars and Other Fairtrade Battles' about banana producers. What she found is that non-Fairtrade banana companies often not just pay unacceptable wages, they also failed to protect their workers from harmful pesticides. This caused Bruce Crowther, a respected Oxfam and Fairtrade campaigner to make the statement 'I will never buy another non-Fairtrade banana'. Bruce went on to explain that buying a non-Fairtrade banana effectively means empowering those practices which oppress and hurt people. And that's exactly why buying Fairtrade is being prudent, it ensuring that not only do you get a quality product, you also ensure that you do not empower huge corporations, which have been proven to often see profit -not people- as the bottom line. Instead you are empowering hard working farmers and producers and are giving them the respect they deserve. Watch the Video of Bruce Crowther talking about Fairtrade Bananas

Does Prudent Minds buy Fairtrade?

Prudent Minds is committed to Fairtrade and puts this into action by only using Fairtrade Coffee, Fairtrade Tea and Fairtrade Sugar in the workplace. Prudent Minds was prompted to do something about Fairtrade through a pioneering new business called Jurang Fair Trade. As soon as Jurang pitched their vision for a better world through trade and simple changes in shopping habits, Prudent Minds was sold. Jurang Fair Trade has researched many Fair trade products to ensure it provides goods that are of premium quality and good value for money.

How can you switch to Fairtrade?

Three things you can do easily:

  1. Go to your local shop or supermarket and ask for Fairtrade alternatives to things such as coffee, tea, sugar and fruit.
  2. You can also buy fair-trade online at the Jurang Fair Trade Shop to order a wide range of premium quality Fairtrade products many of which are not available in the supermarkets.
  3. And finally spread the word. Tell your family and friends about Fairtrade and where you can buy it.

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Updated on 11th January, 2010

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