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My iphone 5 upgrade story

So, last week I went into the Vodafone shop to upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5. I was looking forward to the longer screen, slimmer handset and talking to Siri (yes, I need more friends).

I drooled over the sexy new iphone while explaining to the salesman that my current contract minutes, texts and data are just about right. So now the moment of truth. "How much would it cost?" I asked him. He presented me with a sheet of paper showing the various costs depending on how many Gigs I needed. So for a 32G iPhone 5 "only £150 up front and a similar monthly charge" (up from £41/month to £42/month) for 2 years" he replied. Yes, TWO WHOLE YEARS. Well that feels like a lot of money to spend on getting my new friend Siri. So deliberating about the deal I ask "How much is a new contract if I keep my iphone 4"?

Get this, only £15.50 / month!!!

So I cant believe it. Without hesitation I say "Yes PLEASE" and almost bite his hand off. I walk out of the shop with a bigger smile than any iphone 5 owner.

So how much did I save?

Upgrade cost £150
Monthly saving £42 - £15.50 = £26.50 - over 2 years that's £636

Total saving = £786

Do you still want an iphone 5 upgrade or would you rather have £786 AND your existing mobile?

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Updated on 30th October, 2012

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