Mail order catalogues

Mail Order Catalogues

A number of people use catalogues for Home Shopping, but are they the best value for money and can you actually get any bargains?

Well this, as with any form of credit, does depend on how good you are at controlling your finances. If you are good at working out how much you need to pay, how much you can reasonably afford and can keep to time scales then catalogue shopping could work for you.

What should you be aware of before you buy from a mail order catalogue though, and will you be able to take interest free credit?

Advantages of Mail Order Catalogues

A great little advantage is that some catalogues offer you commission as you make your payments and so you can save up a commission fund which then gives you the choice for either a payment to you in for example a cheque, or to release the commission onto your account which gives you a Small Extra Bonus.

Even though items may be slightly dearer than on the high street, the advantages of being able to spread the cost may suit you better, especially if you have a special occassion to attend and can't afford to shop for a whole new outfit, for example.

Catalogue Sales

Sale times on catalogues can also be great for not only bagging yourself a bargain, but in some cases still earning commission on your sales purchases too. Sales can offer up to 70% off which is as good as some of the high street shop sales.

The disadvantages can be that your purchase can take a few days to arrive so purchase well in advance as next day deliveries will incur charges. Generally you will benefit from free returns and you can not only order your goods by phone and online but you can also request a courier collection, check your account and make payments. Be careful to return your items in the home approval time period (often 7-14 days) to ensure you are not charged any fees.

Terms and Conditions of Mail Order Catalogues

To join a mail order catalogue you must be Over 18 and have a Credit Check, all accounts are subject to status and information of people connected to you may also be taken into consideration when assessing your application.
There must not be anyone else at your address who has that particular catalogue as 2 people from the same address cannot register. Basically you would be looking at being assessed and considered in the same way as when you apply for any other form of credit so keep this in mind. Your catalogue account will also appear on future credit searches so keep up to date with your payments as this can affect your credit rating.

If used wisely mail order catalogues can prove to be cost effective and a very easy way of shopping. They can also provide you with lots of gift ideas without you actually having to walk round the shops searching for inspiration.

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Updated on 29th February, 2012

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