Money saving tips

Money Saving Tips

99 Ways to Save Money

Tips for Credit Cards and Loans

1. Set yourself a budget and make sure that you take everything into account. It might be best to work from a previous months statement to make sure that you remember to include everything. Don't use February's or March's statement as if you pay your council tax by DDM (Direct Debit Mandate) Feb and March are usually the 2 months that you don't pay and so you could end up under calculating your outgoings. Also where insurance is concerned, check if you pay your premiums over 10 months instead of 12, as again you could end up thinking you pay less out than you actually do. As you set up new DDMs make sure you amend your budget planner and also remember to take into account Holidays, Road Tax, Mot's and Rainy Day Funds.

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Shopping Tips

14. Start shopping on line, this will stop you having to pay for buses or parking and you are more likely to buy what you need when you are online, look out for free delivery offers too as this can make a huge difference.

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Saving on Evening Entertainment and Leisure

30. Plan your eating out and take away meals better, we all like to get dressed up and go out for a good meal or enjoy the lazy option of ordering in, but be careful that you have budgeted for these little treats so that the costs don't get out of hand.

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Cheaper Fashion

42. When buying new clothes and shoes makes sure that you have items to match as if not it means further cost buying matching items. With this in mind you can build a great interchangeable wardrobe especially if you choose items which won't date too easily. If you do decide to go for a fashion item, get it as cheap as possible as you know it will be out of style soon and so there is no point spending a lot of money on it.

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Save Money on Gas and Electricity

50. Do your research when buying home appliances and only buy home appliances that have been certified as energy efficient. They may be a little more costly to buy in the long run they will prove to be cost effective.

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Cheaper Travel Ideas

60. Budget airlines tend to fly to regional airports and it might actually work out less to fly to an airport close to a city centre (if you are going on a city break) as you won't have to pay for a taxi to your accommodation. Also try and book early, this way you can take advantage of some of the price cracker deals available.

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Cheaper Communications

67. If you have a land line at home which you rarely use and don't need for broadband then get a pay as you go mobile instead or a low cost contract phone as this will cost you less in the long run.

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Save Money Around the Home

73. Consider taking on a lodger if you have a spare room, not only can it bring in a few extra pounds it can also give you some company too. A lot of people just want to rent a room during the week whilst working, and renting a room is much cheaper than paying for hotel room but at weekend head home.

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Tips for Cheaper Motoring

82. Look at your car emissions and see how much you will save if you change to a low emissions car will save you in taxes and maybe even fuel.

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Miscellaneous Tips

90. Start reading news online instead on buying a daily newspaper, this will save you quite a bit over time. If you don't have online access then buy a paper every other day or maybe just on a Sunday to cut back on costs. Daily papers wuch as The Metro are free and can be picked up at train or bus stations.

91. If you are a smoker, try giving up. This is easier said than done but the NHS have a helpline now to assist you and as well as saving you money it will also be good for you too. Calculate how much you spend weekly, monthly and annually on your cigarrettes. The results should be enough to pay for a holiday, so may spur you on.

92. Don't drink too much alcohol, keep a check on how much you drink and if you are going to have a tipple look for some of the great offers there are available.

93. If you fancy a flutter, then instead of betting or gambling where to get a good return the odds are against you, invest in premium bonds instead you still get a bit of thrill and they are a better use of your money.

94. If you order a lot of prescriptions then consider getting a pre payment certificate. If you pay for more than five prescription items in four months or 14 items in 12 months then this will be a cost effective option for you. Read more about pre-paid prescriptions

95. Stock up on items such as Ibuprofen or Paracetomol when doing your supermarket shopping as it can be much cheaper to buy the supermarkets own brand than buying a named brand.

96. Consider colouring and, or cutting your hair yourself, there are lots of colour treatments out there which are good but always be careful and do a strand test first. Also be realistic, if you want a dramatic colour change it may still be better to seek the help of a professional! When cutting be careful as otherwise you may up having to pay someone to sort out your mistakes, though there may be a friend or family member who is more than capable to cut your hair and who will only charge a small amount.

97. If there is a group of you on a night out, it won't do you any harm to ask if the bar can do you a discount on a few bottles of wine.

98. Don't be careless with spare pennies, they do clutter up your pockets or purse and due to this you may find that you tend to just put them in a drawer, instead collect them up in a piggy bank and then when it is full go and exchange them for pounds instead. Many supermarkets now have a CoinStar machine, which counts all your loose change and gives you a voucher, for the total, to use when shopping.

99. Learn to negotiate. Read our tips on how to negotiate.

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Updated on 11th August, 2009

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