Christmas Savings


Supermarket Savers

Are a type of gift card offered by some supermarkets where you can choose to add money to the card as regularly or irregularly as you choose. Over the course of the year this money adds up on the gift card and you can use this toward either your Christmas shop, or any other spend within that store.

Christmas Savers

Are aimed at people who want to save through out the year to make the costs of Christmas less stressful. With this type of scheme you do not earn interest, but instead at the end of the term are provided with vouchers or your chosen gifts.

Christmas Catalogue Savers

Offer high street gift vouchers, Christmas Hamper/s or for you to reserve the presents which you would like to buy for Christmas. With this type of Christmas Saver you pay a set amount each week or month and dependant on the money you save you may even receive bonuses.
These schemes can be beneficial for those of us who always intend to save for Christmas but often keep putting it off resulting in a very stressful festive period. Be aware though that many of these schemes are not authorised by the FSA and so if the company providing the scheme was to get into financial difficulty any money which you have paid in would not be protected or guaranteed.

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Updated on 24th February, 2009

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