Splitting the bills

We all know those difficult times in life when it comes to splitting bills. It is always easier to divide a bill, for whatever the purchase, between the number of users, but sometimes, it really does not work out fairly. One maths teacher, Matt Parker, has come up with three simple to understand formulas on how to divide three of the things that often come up:

How to share the flat and the bills evenly

Do you live with a two-headed monster? By which, we mean, the couple who share a bedroom so they can pay lower rent, but take up twice the time in the bathroom and kitchen, for no added cost. So, not only are you late for work because you couldn’t get in to the shower for half an hour, but you are forced to eat takeaways most nights because there is no room in the kitchen when they cook romantic meals.

In their quest to recruit more much needed maths teachers, the Training and Development Agency for Schools have a great new video out. Math teacher, Matt Parker will talk you through an easy math-based solution that will leave you with more cash and more time to do the things that you do enjoy!

How to share the bills evenly

How to avoid the awkward after-dinner bill split

Are you used to playing the peace keeper when you and your friends go out for dinner? Doug orders a sweet and a main, Amy’s driving and doesn’t want to put money towards the wine and the waitress is getting more impatient. Dividing the bill can create a sour mood at the end of the night.

If you follow math teacher, Matt Parker’s easy maths tips you could save money and save the potential headache after eating out. The Training and Development Agency for Schools has filmed Matts explanation onto a useful new video out to coincide with a recruitment campaign for more maths teachers.

So watch how to split the meal bill evenly for some simple tips to make paying the bill the easiest maths lesson you ever had.

Steer clear of the petrol-money punch up

You are going away with your friends for the weekend, but on the way back the issue of who owes how much comes up. But really, it is not just petrol money you should be chipping in for; the car owner has paid MOT, car insurance and road tax too. So how do you work out a fair way so that no one gets ripped off and so no one falls out?

Fortunately the Training and Development Agency for Schools has another handy new video out to coincide with a recruitment campaign for more maths teachers. Let maths teacher, Matt Parker guide you through his easy math-based tips to help solve this everyday dilemma.

Find out how to work out a fairer fare by using a simple maths.

At Prudent Minds we thought these videos were a fantastic way to help you save money, and for information on how you can bring maths to life as a teacher visit teach.gov.uk/talent

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