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Many of us have seen or heard of, the television home shopping channels but quite a few of us haven't actually used them. This can be for a number of reasons such as others in the house not being willing to sit through the programmes, or not knowing anyone who have already tried the channels to see if they are trustworthy. This could mean that you are missing out on bargains such as jewellery and even home purchases like quilts and irons.

About Television Home Shopping Channels

There are many UK home shopping channels out there, though most are on Sky or Freeview channels. They have grown in popularity over the years. The style does change from channel to channel and they can advertise the product at the price they intend to sell, be a Live Auction or be Price Drop TV where you hang on as long as you can before making your purchase to make sure you get the best price.

Where the product is on an "auction" channel, such as BidUp or PriceDrop, there are certain things you need to know. The sale will start at a certain price for the item being sold, this ,ay already be what you consider to be a "bargain" price. If so, you can commit to buying the product, whatever the price ends up as. So, for example, if an item starts at £100 and you commit to buy it, but the price reduces to £15 by the end of the sale, youwill pay £15. However, you can also place a bid for an item, which is an amount above which you do not want to make the purchase. The item will only be yours if the price gets as low as that which you have committed.

Many of the home shopping channels also have websites and so if you have not heard of them before you can check out the websites, read the About Us, Terms & Conditions and also check to see if there are any customer testimonials on site. If you cannot find any, check a review site to see if there are any reviews regarding the company you want to find out about. Usually the best way to do this is to put the channel or shop name into a search engine along with the word reviews. This should bring up any review sites which have content regarding that particular channel or shop.

Any company can receive a bad review and you may find a poor review for a company or service you already use and trust, so don't necessarily take 1 bad review as being correct. If the majority are good then they are quite likely to be a safe bet and if you see an item which you have been looking for at a bargain price, then you may be best off going for it.
If the product price is over £100 excluding postage, packaging and fees you could choose to purchase it on your Credit Card to ensure that you have cover under Section 75 for that additional peace of mind.

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Updated on 16th January, 2009

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