Top 10 shopping tips

Top 10 Shopping Tips

Shopping more wisely can help you to save money on your everyday spend and so here are some of our top shopping tips and advice.

1. A great food shopping tip is never do your food shopping when you are hungry.

2. If you regularly shop at a store which has a Clubcard, make sure you get a Club Card and start collecting points. They may not offer much in a way of a reward but if you shop there anyway you may as well get something instead of nothing. More recently, Tesco have offered to "Double Up" your reward card points. Although they ask you to choose which department you will exchange your reward points in, this is a really great bonus. With departments available such as clothing, toys or wine, its a great deal for Christmas

3. An online shopping tip for if you shop on line regularly, check out Cashback sites which are in effect a similar concept to a Clubcards only you can be earn cash back at many shops instead of just the one.

4. If you can, wait for the sales as you are bound to get more for your money.

5. A Christmas shopping tip is to shop all year round for your Christmas Gifts as this should make it easier to find gifts which your Family and Friends will appreciate as you are more likely to get something that you think they will like instead of buying for buying sake. Also it can take some of the cost out of Christmas as your spend will be more evenly distributed.

6. If you are unsure about a particular purchase walk away and continue with your shopping and then if you decide that you will want it go back and make your purchase, although if you were in doubt it is more likely that once you have walked away you will decide you don't want it after all.

7. Do your research before you leave your house, know what is a good price for the item you are looking for and check where it is in stock, this saves on leg work when out and about and also will save you money.

8. If you see any kind of fault on an item always ask at the checkout if a discount could be applied, but make sure when doing this that the item is exactly what you want as sometimes having a discount applied means that you can't bring the item back if you change your mind. Ask when the discount is applied if this is the case if the store assistant doesn't automatically mention this.

9. When trying on shoes if they feel a little tight, don't assume that they will give, they may not and in the meantime you are set for sore feet! Even if you love the shoes there is no point buying shoes that don't fit. Consider trying a bigger size and put an insole in, if this does not work then walk away and save your money as this could turn out to be a waste of money.

10. If you know that you are terrible at taking things back to stores when they don't fit or aren't quite what you want, try them on in store, even if it means to have to queue. If you can't be bothered trying them on then don't buy the item as this could ultimately be another waste of money, and if they don't fit you may not be eligible for a refund anyway so don't assume!

As with many of our guides, always consider how you might pay for the goods you are buying. Paying cash might be the only option for you, but using a cashback credit card will see you save even more.

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Updated on 28th January, 2010

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