Utility bills

UK Gas and Electric Charges

It is wise to keep an eye on your utility bill prices where Gas and Electric is concerned, and always look out for a cheaper provider as this could regularly change.
Also, quite a few providers are offering a fixed rate term giving you the security that your payments will remain the same for a set period of time. Choosing to manage your account online and pay utility bills on line could also provide you with another way to lower your utility bills and also reduce waste paper. Remember, if you pay your bills by direct debit you will save money, as a charge is added to your bill if you don't.

Water Rates

With regards to water utility bills and rates it depends on if you have a water meter fitted in your home. If a meter is fitted then your water rates will be calculated in line with your meter readings, and you will be charged only for what you use.. If your home does not have a water meter then a set annual charge is applied. You do have the option of having a water meter fitted, but this may be at a cost so you would need to check with your provider. If you are living alone or as a couple, having a water meter fitted may well be cost effective rather than paying the rateable charge.
United Utilities are the largest UK provider of water. They provide water to 7 million people across the Northwest and they also assist with Southern Water, Welsh Water and Scottish Water. Many people do not know that United Utilities actually also provide gas and electric as well as water.

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Updated on 12th March, 2009

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