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There are an ever increasing number of websites dedicated to providing users with up to date information on special promotional offers from high street retailers, restaurants, theatres, travel agents and many more. These are offered by the retailers in order to increase sales in a specific area, or at a specific time of the year, and are usually in the form of money saving coupons. Some sites do have vouchers that can be printed off and used on the high street, but in general, the vouchers will be in the form of a code which can be input into a special box when you are checking out after making a purchase online. Read our guide and tips on using vouchers, promotional codes and coupons to save the most money you can.

Travel Vouchers, Restaurant Vouchers & Days Out Savings

In order to make the most of the promotional code sites that are out there, you will need to do a bit of comparing. It is always a good idea to sign up for the web sites newsletters so that you get updated on the newest and best offers. We know this can mean more emails to your inbox, but with thousands of deals to look at, it is a good way of keeping your finger on the pulse.

You will find most of the big holiday companies on the voucher sites, but in reality, if you visit your travel agent and tell them you can get money off if you book online, they will more than likely knock the same amount off for booking with them. For some, booking your holiday in store is preferable, so that they can question the agent about whether the holiday really is suitable for them.

Theme park vouchers and days out vouchers are an area where you can make massive savings. One report we have seen showed that searches for Alton Towers Vouchers and Thorpe Park offers increased massively this year. It is very expensive to take a family to these kinds of places, and money off cannot normally be negotiated on the door, on the day. In order to find the best deals we recommend you search for specific terms, such as Alton Towers Vouchers, in order to find the best deals on offer. Some of these offers may mean booking tickets online, but others may be a printable voucher which you take to the theme park on the day.

Restaurant Vouchers are a great way of saving money on dining out. Deals range from a free drink and side salad right through to buy one get one for £1. Couple these with theatre vouchers and you have a great way of saving money on a fantastic night out for you and your family.

Top Voucher Tips

1. Watch out for expiry dates on voucher codes - if the website you found it on is not right up-to-date you won't receive the discount.

2. Make sure you have entered the voucher code in your online shopping basket. If you get to the payment stage and you haven't entered the code, it will be too late.

3. Sign up for voucher sites newsletters to make sure you have all the latest deals.

4. Do your research - especially for holidays, once you know what savings you can make find out whether your travel agent can match, or even better that saving.

5. If shopping online, you may find that your voucher code can be used at the same time as earning cashback through a cashback website, meaning you make two savings on your purchase.

6. If the voucher you are using is against food items (for a supermarket for example) always check whether the deal being offered is really value for money. For example, supermarkets will often offer money off a large, or bulk, item, when in reality you will throw some away. Sometimes, you will even find that buying two smaller packs is still cheaper than the larger pack.

7. Make sure you are using your vouchers at the best time! On some websites you can double up your coupons, so, for example, you could get money off an item with one voucher and then use a buy one get one free voucher as well.

8. HOWEVER.....if you have more than one coupon for an item or shop, work out which voucher saves you the most money.

9. When you get to the checkout part of an online store, if it asks you for any promotional codes, in general, that means there are some to be found - open another tab and do a search before you miss out.

10. Use price comparison websites to ensure that you are buying the product at the cheapest possible rate. At first glance, 10% off a £500 television is appealling, but that same television may be £425 (for example) on a price comparison site, such as kelkoo or pricerunner.

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Updated on 5th October, 2009

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